Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sabine Meets the Rope

After Sabine was leading well and letting me rub and brush on her, I realized I needed to desensitize her to a rope moving around.  When I would go to catch her, she would jump and run off if the rope touched her.  This wasn't going to work.

So I started by having her in a halter and lead and I had another soft cotton rope in my hand.  At first, I twirled the rope in the air.  Again, if Sabine needed to move she could, but I kept her going in a circle around me. I only stopped twirling the rope when she stood still and relaxed.  Within one 10 minute session, I could walk all around her twirling the rope. 

Next, I rubbed her with the rope.  She took that well - it wasn't much different than my hand, the curry or brush.  But she did not like it when I started tossing the rope at her.  Again, if she moved, I stayed with her.  It took several sessions before she would stand quietly while I threw the rope over her neck, back and rump (her rump took the longest).

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