Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sabine meets the Saddle

Once Sabine had learned her other lessons (leading, picking up her feet, giving to pressure, being groomed, being fly sprayed, being hosed off), her next task was to learn about the saddle.

By this point, Sabine really knew my routine. I pulled out the saddle pad and started waiving it around.  She just stood there and looked at me.  I tossed it over her back, and she moved a little but quickly settled down.  She did so well with that lesson, that the next day I repeated it.  And when she stood quietly, I also added a saddle. I used a lightweight English saddle as I really just wanted to get her used to something on her back and to the feel of a girth. She did so well that I took her out for a longing lesson.

When I first tried to longe her (without the saddle), she had no idea what I wanted.  But she pretty quickly picked up on the idea of going in circles and stopping when asked.  The saddle didn't phase her one bit. I also added a bridle, and that made her think.  She chewed on the bit and it took a few sessions before she accepted it.  But she did accept it all.

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